Outstanding ‘Comedy of Hamlet’ | Shepherd Express

Patrick Schmitz set the mood for his second Shakespeare parody, The Comedy of Hamlet…kinda sorta, by engaging the audience in a light-hearted trivia challenge—one that surreptitiously set the crowd up for jokes during the show. He then broke down Shakespeare barriers even further by saying if we know The Lion King, then we know the story of Hamlet. The show opens with “Circle of Life” playing in the background.

The Comedy of Hamlet…kinda sorta is a showcase of Schmitz’s impeccable ability for creating playful yet respectful spoofs. Making The Bard’s storytelling accessible seems an easy feat for this playwright. He effortlessly weaves Shakespearean language into contemporary dialogue, ingeniously supplying meaning through well-executed banter. Schmitz expertly intertwines modern song, game and movie references as well, and even if a reference isn’t known, the context surrounding it keeps it funny. Additionally, a few misconceptions about the play are addressed and it is pointed out a couple times that “the Fortinbras stuff” is usually (and in this case, had been) cut out.

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