Kinda Sorta Shakesparodies

The Shakesparody series began with The Comedy of Romeo and Juliet...Kinda Sorta, and never looked back. Taking William Shakespeare's classic tragedies, and reimagining them into modern, easy to understand comedies, and cast by some of Milwaukee's most talented comedic actors, the Shakesparody series has expanded to include Othello, Hamlet, (The Scottish Play), and coming soon, King Lear...Kinda Sorta.

Shakesparodies are...


As we always say, if you love Shakespeare, you'll love these shows. If you hate Shakespeare, you'll also love these shows. Shakesparodies turn favorite tragedies into comedies, using modern, easy to understand language, and a little self-depreciation to keep everyone up to speed on the plot, and along for a special ride. PG-13 humor ensures that Shakesparodies are brought to anyone open to taking in the story in a new light...or simply ready for a laugh.



Shakesparodies make sure to not take themselves too seriously, while staying (mostly) true to the heart of the Bard's stories. Ripe with puns, one-liners, modern jokes, and smashing the fourth-wall, the audience is treated to a one-of-a-kind laugh fest that also teaches a little bit of the classics.


Taken in by sold-out houses, highly reviewed by local media, and enjoyed unanimously by audiences, Shakesparody productions have earned their place in the local theater calendar. Audiences look forward to the annual summer production, as well as future tragedies-ala-comedies, brought to life and laughs by Schmitz n Giggles.


“For me, the best introduction to any of Shakespeare’s work is knowing the story first, so breaking it down into contemporary language allows anyone and everyone to become invested in both what’s going on and what the characters are saying. As a teacher, I’ve also realized an audience pays attention more when you add humor. I used to be extremely intimidated by Shakespeare’s work, but doing my homework with these parodies has really forced me to dissect the text and explore deeper meanings within his plays. I’ve spoken with Shakespeare experts in town and I’m able to see why so many people love his work, and now I’m one of those people.” - Patrick Schmitz